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G&S Boats builds custom fiberglass composite sport fishing yachts.




 G&S Boats, Inc. builds custom fiberglass sportfishing boats. G&S is a 37 year old company still owned and operated by it's founders, Buddy Gentry and Steve Sauer. G&S has become known for building very maneuverable, dependable boats for the light tackle fishermen seeking world records in far off places. There aren't many service facilities where these fishermen go to find the largest concentrations of fish necessary to have the many attempts needed to capture world record fish on very light tackle. That is why our boats with their rugged dependability are so important for more days fishing and fewer days doing maintenance. More days fishing means more chances at world record fish.

Using a one-off construction method G&S is capable of building fiberglass composite boats (no structural wood) to suit each buyers requirements as to style, speed and size. This can be done using in-house designs or the designs of your favorite architect or interior decorator. 

We recently completed and shipped to Morocco the 50' hardtop express "Gladius". It will be used for catching world record billfish on fly tackle. It's first destination after Casablanca will be Cape Verde.

We were  also working on a 51' boat for Stewart Campbell who many of you know recently died. The boat is an open hull at this time and will be for sale. Go to this link for pictures - Stewart Campbell's Boat.

One of our fastest boats is the 65' "Mollie". It is powered by a pair of 1900 hp, 12V2000 M93 CR MTU Diesel engines and two 20 KW generators. It will be the third Mollie we have built for the same people.

The "Miss Babbie"  is a 50' sportfisherman with lots of beam and a sharp entry. It has twin QSM11 Cummins Diesels (660 hp) and a 15kw Phasor Generator. It carries 900 gal. of fuel and 250 gal. of water. It is for a repeat customer who is moving up from our 41' "Miss Babbie". He is planning on using it to cruise and fish the islands from the Bahamas to Saint Thomas.

Another of our boats built for light tackle fishing is the "Silver-Rod-O". It is 45' long with a 15.5' beam. It too has QSM11 Cummins Diesels (580 hp) and a 15 KW generator. It carries 750 gal. of fuel and 150 gal. of water. It's base of operation is in Costa Rica where the owner is fishing for world record billfish on light tackle.

The "Hookin' Bull" is a 48 footer built for light tackle fishing also. The "Hookin' Bull" is now fishing and setting some impressive world records in New Zealand.

Click on the links below for pictures of each.

Stewart Campbell's Boat

"Mollie"        "Hookin' Bull"    "Miss Babbie"    "Silver-Rod-O"   "Gladius"


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